How do I find used auto parts near me? To experienced, do-it-yourself auto mechanics, the question may sound rhetorical. But for drivers who are considering buying used parts from a junkyard for the first time, the question needs an answer.

How do I find used auto parts near me? If you’re asking this question, three answers will aid your search for pre-owned auto parts that often sell for less than 50% of the original price. If you live in an area (rural, suburban, or urban) where plenty of vehicles are on the road, chances are that a junkyard (a.k.a. salvage lot) is near your home location.

  1. Perform a Keyword Search

If you have internet access (the internet on your smartphone will work fine), go to and enter keywords in the search field that combine “junkyard” with “used auto parts”. For example, if you need used parts from a Toyota Corolla, you may want to try this type of search: “Toyota Corolla parts junkyard” or, more specifically, “Toyota Corolla junkyard transmission”. Search queries such as these should return a list of salvage lots.

  1. Consult the Yellow Pages

Since the proliferation of the internet and smartphone technology, not as many people use the Yellow Pages to look up business listings. However, the ubiquitous phone book is valuable for one main reason: The junkyard listings you find are for businesses relatively close your location. “Use the Yellow Pages” is a good answer to the question: How do I find auto parts near me?

  1. Ask an Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair shops in your area are likely to be familiar with junkyards in the area. When a mechanic inspects the damage to a vehicle, prices out the repair, and receives word from the driver’s insurer that the car is “totalled”, the driver often has a junkyard remove the vehicle from the repair shop’s parking lot. Don’t be surprised if a mechanic can list all of the junkyards closeby, and even mention the pros and cons for each.


How do I find used auto parts near me? There could be several answers, but your best options are as follows: Perform a Google search using search terms that pertain to auto parts and junkyards, consult the yellow pages, and ask an auto repair shop.

For information about acquiring used auto parts from a junkyard, or to inquire about selling an end-of-life automobile, contact a professionally operated junkyard in your area by using one of the three search methods above.